Executive Protection

event security guard

Gallent Security Services provides Executive Security services for the personal security of VIP and non-VIP people, including Government officials, Politicians, Celebrities, and whoever else needs protection.

We provide two categories of Executive Protection services are categorized: Armed and Unarmed.

During our Security Audit, we visit the site and the neighborhood to understand the problem areas. We mark the areas that can be a potential threat in terms of security.

Unarmed Protection services are for the people that have a threat of assault or abuse. Our trained Executive Protection personnel accompanies the client wherever there’s even the mildest scope of personal danger. In addition, we have highly trained personal security professionals and bouncers to protect the clients in all situations, unarmed.

Armed Protection services are for clients that have a threat of life. Our armed personal security professionals include ex-military personnel with a licensed firearm.

Both armed or unarmed Executive Protection professionals such as bouncers can be hired monthly by the clients.

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