Security Audit

security audit

Are you looking for security services for your residential and commercial properties but not sure of the requirements?

We can help you in deciding the right security services.

At Gallent Security Services, we provide Security Audits for clients that want to start with security services. We have a list of more than 200 questions based on different industries that helps us to have a deep understanding of security requirements.

Our Security Audit service includes visiting the site and thoroughly observing all the shortcomings and possible security breaches that can take place on the site. In addition, we review the current security protocols and SOPs of the site and understand whether they are working for the client.

During our Security Audit, we visit the site and the neighborhood to understand the problem areas. We mark the areas that can be a potential threat in terms of security.

We create an extensive report based on our audit. In this report, we provide the details of current security conditions and suggestions for improvement.

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